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Ouroux-en-Morvan - Town Hall.
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 Welcome to Ouroux-en-Morvan :

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Status obtained in 1991.

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 Short film :

What better way than a little video to show you the village of Ouroux? It presents the main activities of the people of Ouroux, including its different businesses, and the multiple forms of accommodation and eating, as well as leisure activities that await you there...
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 Leisure activities :

Hunting, fishing in the municipal pond in the centre of the village. For trout fishermen there is the Chalaux (Ist category river). For those who prefer lake-fishing, there are the Lacs de Pannecière (4 km away), Settons (13 km) and Chaumeçon (12 km). You can also take many walks (including guided walks), play paint-ball, hire quads and mountain bikes and go horse-riding. Ouroux-en-Morvan also has a library of 4000 books and a youth club. A painting workshop is open from October to June every year.

 Walks :

The Panorama of the Cross of the Dead, with views of the Morvan mountains; site of the Rock of the Thare forest; prehistoric site of the trenches of the Loutière. Visit the mini-museum of wine and barrel-making; the church with XIVth century bas-relief, the charming chapel of Savault and its panoramic view and its XIIIth, XIVth and XVth century sculptures; traces of the Roman road Augustodunum; the Franco-English cemetery of the Maquis Bernard Resistance; and the old village of Savault, home of sculptor Jean Gautherin.

 A little info :

Ouroux sits at 560 m above sea-level. We have 675 inhabitants. Paris is 250 km to the north-west. The nearest railway station (S.N.C.F) is Saulieu (35 km). The A6 motorway is 40 km away (exit Avallon). There are shuttle buses to Château-Chinon and Lormes.
The nearest airport is Nevers Fourchambault, 80 km west.
In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Morvan, Ouroux is a perfect spot from which to see the Morvan (and much of Burgundy), including Mont Beuvray/Bibracte, Haut-Folin, Vézelay, Autun, Dijon, Beaune and the beautiful surrounding forests. Lakes Pannecière and Settons offer great swimming and fishing nearby...

 The tourist booklet of Ouroux :

Ouroux en Morvan - Tourist booklet 2011. (PDF)Discover the new tourist plate of Ouroux in morvan (2011). Realized by the Tourist office of Ouroux this plate gathers a large number of information and of information on the village of Ouroux: its leisures, its pratimoine, its history, its culture, its trade... Come to discover Ouroux in Morvan, village located in the middle of the Territory of the Big lakes of the Morvan.
(Click on the booklet to download the tourist booklet of Ouroux.)

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