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Ouroux en Morvan center euro area in 2008 :

Ouroux en Morvan center euro area in 2008.The entry of Cyprus and Malta at January 1st, 2008, changed to fifteen the number of countries having adopted the euro like single currency, and trained the displacement of the center of the euro area, according to INSEE, of Mhère towards another village of the department, Ouroux-en-Morvan, commune of 675 inhabitants. For Ourouxois, the inhabitants of this green commune of Morvan, the new title is like a blessing. That made of the years, indeed, that the commune fights to exist, not to die, like so many of other morvandelles communes.
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    Historic :
    The village is located at the top of a high plateau. Many Roman ways, whose constructions are decided by the emperor Claude, furrow the area. A way connecting Augustodunum (Autun) in Orleans passed by Ouroux-en-morvan which was used as relay of fodder and food. Several times burnt by Barbarians, the village keeps only some vestiges in direction of hamlet of Vizaine. Until the end of the XIXe century, the commune remains a significant crossing point and a commercial crossroads. In 1870, a fire devastates the church and eighty six houses. The roofs of the thatch buildings then covered facilitate the devastation of fire.

    The great names in history :
    Ouroux is the birthplace of the scultor Jean GAUTHERIN (1840-1890), creator of the statue of Diderot place Saint Germain des Prés to Paris and sculptor of the empress of Russia, Maria FEODOROVOWNA, widow of Alexandre III. He enters to the Art school of Paris on October 31, 1864 and is admitted to the Salon as far back as 1865. He is put out of contest after to have obtained three medals, in 1868, 1870 and 1873. He is made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1878 and dies in July 1890. A commemorative plaque is affixed on the native house of Jean Gautherin at the village of Savault. Consult the biography of Jean Gautherin  [ Biography ] 

    Etienne GUDIN : (1734-1820), General of Napoléon.
    Alexis GUETROT : (1849-1907), Mayor and President of the general council of Nièvre.
    Michel BAROIN : (1930-1987), Large Master of the great East of France and ex chairman of the Mutual Guarantee of Civils servant (G.M.F.). Consult the biography of M. BAROIN  [ Biography. ]
    President François Mitterrand who was to advise general canton of Montsauche les Settons to which belongs the commune.
    Daniel Vaillant, former minister of the interior and Bernard Thibault secretary-general of the C.G.T. are originating in Ouroux.

    Historic sites :
    The trenches of Loutière (Antiquity)
    These two trenches are vestiges of the Roman way. They are two immense tanks dug of hand of man. A legend tells that these basins were used as trap to capture the wolves, but it is hardly probable. Any gate to believe that they were water tanks for a camp pre-Roman.
    Panel of infos on the circuit of the mysterious trenches of Loutière.

    Roman road (Antiquity)
    Some vestiges remains in the direction of the hamlet of Vizaine.

    The Maquis Bernard (Occupation - 1943)
    It was one of the first and the most significant maquis of Morvan so much by its manpower (1200 men at the beginning of September 44) that by the presence at its sides as from June 44, at the same time of the State Major Departemental of Nivernaise Resistance and English parachutists of the Special Air Service, the famous S.A.S. Moreover, the Franco-English cemetery, where 27 tombs are maintained in remembering all the died combatants, recalls that Ouroux was the PC of Resistance nivernaise. Also on the circuit : the infirmary of the camp, the camp of the S.A.S, car park...
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    The Franco-English cemetery of Maquis Bernard.

    Sites and Patrimony Religious :
    Chapel of Savault (High Antiquity / XIXe century)
    The chapel is located on an insulated mount which dominates the hamlet of Savault. Its origin seems to go up with highest Antiquity. Until 1895, it is the goal of a pilgrimage for the neighbouring parishes which went there in procession Tuesday of Easter. In 1848, the lightning and fire devastated it and the inhabitants of Savault undertake its rebuilding.
    The Chapel of Savault.

    Bust of Knight (XIIIe century, classified historic building), chapel of Savault.
    Wood bust, the face is clean and drawn well. The knight is covered with an armour and a cap of mesh. A large cord with the size and a cross about the Knighthood of Saint Antoine, founded in 1382 per Albert of Bavaria, earl of Hainaut, Holland and Zealand, decorate his chest and identifies it as a crusader.

    Saint Denis (Chapel of Savault)
    Wood statue which represents a man upright, carrying his own head. The dating is uncertain, probably around XIIIe century.
    St Denis carrying his head, Chapel of Savault.

    Saint Germain Church (1875-1878, Borough)
    The original church was destroyed at the time of the fire of 1870. The new one was rebuilt between 1875 and 1878 in the Romanesque style with three naves. It is placed, like the old one, under dedicated to Saint Germain, bishop of Auxerre, and the principal altard is dedicated to the Sacred Heart.
    Saint Germain Church, Ouroux.

    Virgin with the child (XVe century, polychrome wood, classified Historic building.) This high relief represents the Virgin dressed of a wide dress with adjusted blouse and of a long veil. It sat on a bench and maintains the Child upright on his left knee. Its attitude connects it with the educational Virgin.

    Virgin with the child, Ouroux's Church.

    Other richnesses to be discovered :

    The "2 castles".
    Houses opulent, historical opposition between the "Castle of the republic" and the "Castle of the Aristocrats".
    The Mills.
    (Role, architecture, history) of which the mill of Savelot with its paddle wheel.
    The calvaries.
    (Cross of the Mission, Cross of Deaths).
    The architecture of the houses of Morvan.
    (Mixture of stone and wood), forging mill to shoe oxen, artisanal intallations, the viaduct and the old line of the Jalopy (railway), panorama "the view-point", classified 1  in the Michelin guide.

    Mini museum of the workshop cooperage and the wine in Morvan.
    The Mini Museum is open all the year (except Thursday).
    Price of the visit for the groups: 3 € by anybody + 1 wine glass offered.
    Site Associated with l'écomusée du Morvan
    CAVES BARBOTTE - Place of church
    Téléphone ! 03 86 78 20 11
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    Ecomusée of the wine and cooperage.

    Contemporary art :
    The Mast of Ouroux
    (1st in France and 5th in the World)
    Contemporary Sculture of Antoine DE BARY registered in the operation of the "Mast for Oasis".
    The Mast of Ouroux

    The cemetery of the Artists (Chapel of Savault)
    Cemetery of contemporary art where the 32 artists who took part in the operation 32+32=2000, buried one of their work or creation in this place, a stele out of granite is set up with this inscription : "Here at the dawn of the 21st century, 32 mature artists fell from the trees voluntarily and became craftsmen of the joint life".

    The cemetery of the Artists of Savault.

    Totem in fires (Place Jean GAUTHERIN)
    Totem in fires of Katerine LOUINEAU. Diversion of a traffic lights on fire of the fields where the local population wished the representation (at the time of a vote) of a green squirrel, a blue horse and a maroon wild boar instead of usual tricolour diodes. This contemporary work results from the operation 32 + 32 = 2000. It precedes the development of new cultural projects and all contemporary initiatives or artistic projects can be sent to the Tourist Office of Ouroux-en-Morvan.

    Totem in fires (Place Jean GAUTHERIN).

    Magiscope du Morvan (Rue de Pargon)
    At the time of its 70th birthday, Théo Blankestijn, professional artist of Dutch origin installed in Ouroux, wished to offer to common its work entitled " Magiscope du Morvan ", true giant kaleidoscope. This initiative was accomodated with much enthusiasm...
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    The Magiscope du Morvan. (rue de Pargon)

Festival Of Short film :

PARTIE(S) DE CAMPAGNE (a beautiful success).

Listen in French Philippe Bertrand to present the Festival in his Carnets de campagne emission
diffused on the french radio France inter   Duration 00:02:26

Partie(s) de campagne.It is in the beginning a cinema festival in the capital of Morvan which migrated in Ouroux in Morvan, worked by young people in love with the cinema, campaign and absurd idea to make share their passion with the morvandiaux ones.
The festival is organized by the association « Sceni Qua Non » installed in Nevers and which also works for the valorization and promotion of the cinematographic art on the whole of the Nevers-native territory.
That results in a mobile unit cinema in several rural communes of Nièvre.
With the programme of this festival with a different topic each year: Short films, ball, animations in the village, evenings concerts free under the parquet floor living room, movies-concerts in the open air free, various contests, discussions, festivals, meal...
Extremely from 60 to 80 voluntary, association « Sceni Qua Non » proposes three days of festivities in the whole of the village: diffusion of court-measurings at the inhabitant, in the open air, in the village hall transformed into cinema.
Tariffs: the short films in competition are paying with the meeting, a subscription for the three days is also available.
Exchanges between professionals and impassioned the 7th Art are also with the program.
The festival is also the occasion to put the short films in competition and to organize a festival closure with the handing-over of the prices: Price of the President, Price of the Public, Price of the Young Public, all this in an festive atmosphere, convivial and relaxed.
The festival is organized thanks to the support of: The town of Ouroux en Morvan, The Community of Communes of the Big lakes of the Morvan, The General advice of Nièvre, The District council of Burgundy, The Regional management of the Cultural Affairs, The Agency for the Regional development of the Cinema, Radio Dijon Campus 92.2 Mhz.

Poster Partie(s) De Campagne 2008. Poster Partie(s) De Campagne 2009. Poster Partie(s) De Campagne 2010. Poster Partie(s) De Campagne 2011.
Topic 2008:
La Résistance
Topic 2009:
A Table
Topic 2010:
Sur la Route
Topic 2011:
Le Québec
Extract Video Of Festival Partie(s) De Campagne Ouroux-en-Morvan July 2008.
Duration: 00:02:02

Association Sceni Qua Non.Association Sceni Qua Non.
25 Boulevard de la République
Phone ! : 03 86 21 46 46
Phone ! : 03 86 78 25 05
Fax : 03 86 21 40 98

Extract Video Of Concert Jim Murple Memorial Festival Partie(s) De Campagne Ouroux-en-Morvan July 2009.
Duration: 00:00:30
The Festival 2008
E-mail : E-mail. - Web site : Go To On Web, click here. Jim Murple Memorial
Extract Concert 2009

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