Legal information of the Ourouxois web site. Legal information of the Ourouxois web site !

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Legal Information:

The Internet site of Ouroux-in-Morvan was created in June 2000 by and for the wellbeing of the commune of Ouroux-en-Morvan, Nièvre, France.
A recasting of the site was carried out in February 2002 after the purchase of a domain name from the company GANDY,
The owner of the domain name and the editor are not other than the webmaster.
The Internet site Ourouxois was lodged, at its creation, by the company ABAXE,, on one of its Linux servers (RedHat 6.2) lodged on the platform server of the company OVH,
Server Web used : Apache/1.3.26 (Unix) PHP/4.2.1 mod_ssl/2.8.9 Openssl/0.9.6b (at September 1, 2002).


The photos, graphics and texts of the site, remain the property of the Ourouxois site and are the subject of reserved rights.


In no case is it authorized to reproduce, to modify, use, or re-use the contents of the Ourouxois site for public or commercial purposes without the prior written agreement of the Ourouxois site.
The information and texts published on the Ourouxois site are the property of the authors and the editor, in accordance with the International Conventions relating to intellectual property.
Any copy or screen captures for the purpose of enrichment or reconstitution of a personal data base is against French law and is thus prohibited, as is their use for commercial or advertising purposes.
Users are responsible for the interpretation and use of the information contained in the site. It thus behoves them to make use of it in conformity with the regulations in force in their country and to respect the recommendations of the National Commission of Data Processing and Freedoms (CNIL) when the data are personal.
The information contained on this site is not contractual. It can be modified at any time and is not the responsibility of the Ourouxois site, the editor or of the authors of the site, or its various partners.

Accuracy of information:

The Ourouxois site takes all necessary care in putting together information. However, errors or omissions in information may occur. The Ourouxois site reserves the right to change information reproduced on the site, without notice.

Reproduction rights:

You may reproduce documents contained in the Ourouxois site only for non commercial ends. We ask you to address a request by e-mail to us ( or ) specifying the exact contents of what you wish to reproduce. After agreement, it is requested that you quote the sources precisely (pursuant to Article L. 122-4 of the Code of the intellectual property).

E-mails and e-mail addresses:

Electronic mail is preserved for so long as it takes to response to your request. Moreover, neither the e-mail addresses nor the personal details of those who contact us will be the subject of any regular commercial practice, and in no case will be resold. Such personal information will be used only for our internal services. You have the right to access, modify, correct and suppress such information (art. 34 de la loi "Informatique et Libertés" n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978). To exercise that right, address our services by e-mail ( or ).

Establishing links to the Ourouxois site:

The establishment of links to is free and is subject to no authorization, the hypertext link being the base of the Internet.

Hypertext links of the site:

The Ourouxois site is completely free to refer, not to refer or to remove at any time the referencing of any site. In referring sites, we do not seek to be exhaustive, consequently, the lists of links, under their headings, do not claim, in any case, to be exhaustive. This site contains hypertext links to sites whose existence we confirm by connecting to them at the moment of indexing and carrying out a quick check. These hypertext links are classified according to our headings, according to their contents, and, when they exist, to the indications provided by the editors. We do not control the sites to which we refer, and for which responsibility lies only with their editors. We do not guarantee absolutely the contents of these sites, and in particular the veracity of the information which they contain. Moreover, we do not control the possible presence of data-processing viruses in the referred sites. It is up to each Net surfer to decide whether to access any such site. The risks related to the use of these sites thus falls fully on the user. The Internet network being constantly in evolution, it is possible that a site to which we refer has modified its contents, changed address or even disappeared. We check regularly that the links are still active, but we do not carry out any other controls. Any site wishing to prohibit or limit its referencing hypertext can request us to remove the whole or part of the links that we have created to it by writing by to us by e-mail ( or ).


The Ourouxois site does not use any technology likely to collect personal data from its users (cookies, etc.). You can thus sail in peace on all the pages of the Ourouxois site.

Last recommendation:

The Internet site Ourouxois is the fruit many voluntary working hours. Thank you for respecting it.
Congratulations to Christophe, Claire, Emmanuelle for their precious collaboration in embellishing the Internet site Ourouxois.
Special thanks and congratulations to Dr. Kathleen for the corrections and translations in English of the Ourouxois Web site.

The editor and webmaster on a purely gracious basis of Internet site of Ouroux en Morvan village.


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