Activities to Ouroux en Morvan.


The circuit of the old farm equipments. ( An idea walk in family! )

Ouroux en Morvan created a new circuit of short duration (2 kilometers - 45 minutes) in the middle of the village:
« the circuit of the old farm equipments: to the rhythm of seasons ».

This project has been born from a local will to develop the exposed agricultural tools for several years in the village, but also to create a new possibility of walk in families.
In partnership with the municipality and the Regional natural park of Morvan, the Tourist office of Ouroux then designed this course.

The circuit, accessible to all, large and small, makes it possible to the visitors to discover the country life and the farm equipments used at the beginning of the 20th century in Morvan.

Through a free teaching document, a play answers questions for the children and of the illustrated signs which decorate the course, the visitor can also discover with the turning of the streets the local inheritance (laundrette, pond, work to shoe oxen...).

Listen to the French interview of Mr. André Guyollot diffused on Radio Morvan

Duration: 00:06:20
Le circuit des anciens matériels agricoles.
More information on the circuit, contact,
the Tourist office of OUROUX EN MORVAN:
Téléphone ! 03 86 78 20 11 - E-mail: E-mail.

Écomusée of the wine and cooperage.

    Mini museum of the workshop cooperage and the wine in Morvan.
    The Mini Museum is open all the year (except Thursday).
    Price of the visit for the groups: 3 € by anybody + 1 wine glass offered.
    Site Associated with l'écomusée du Morvan
    CAVES BARBOTTE - Place of church
    Téléphone ! 03 86 78 20 11
    Go on the french page   More info, click here.
Ecomusée of the wine and cooperage.

Pedestrian Excursions. (65 km of marked pedestrian paths).

Excursions in V.T.T. (80 km of marked circuits VTT).

  • 6 marked routes. The borough Of Ouroux-en-Morvan belongs to site VTT-FFC from Parc du Morvan and proposes 6 circuits which are based on themes. The distance from the circuits varies from 7 to 19.21 km and the variation in level is from 70 to 512 meters.
  • In summer of accompanied excursions V.T.T are organized by the Tourist Office, for more information on all these excursions V.T.T contact the Tourist Office of Ouroux-en-Morvan.
    Phone ! 03 86 78 20 11  - E-Mail ! E-mail.

    Or Internet web site of :
     [ - Le VTT en Morvan ] (French page!)
Model of  VTT beacon established on a tree.

Equestrian Excursions.

Game of bowls (Pétanque).

  • A ground of game of bowls is at disposal since June 2003, this ground is located near Cultural Space, Sportif and of Leisures. All the friends bowls players will be welcome.
Game of bowls (Pétanque).

Plays for Children.

  • Plays for the children are installed near the Village hall.
The adventure playground for the children.

Handball, Volleyball, Football.


  • Tennis court hiring (mid-April to mid-November).
  • Tennis court hire for 1 hour : 4.50 €.
  • Hiring of rackets for children and adults : 1.50 € per hour / guarantee 30.50 € per rackets.
  • Sale of balls : 1.50 € each.
  • Information/Reservation : Tourist Office,
    Phone ! 03 86 78 20 11  - E-Mail ! E-mail.
Tennis court, New !

Water sports In the vicinity.


The Home of the Young people.

  • The Home of the Young people accomodates you to practise various activities :
    Television, Music, Table tennis, Video games, Library...
    Locate to : Beside the Fire station.
     Phone ! 03 86 78 21 02.
The Home of the Young people.

Workshop of Painting.

Fishing in the Pond of Ouroux.

Fishing in Brooks.

Fishing in the Lake Pannecière.

Fishing in the lakes and rivers in the vicinity.

  • The SETTONS lake: 360 ha (Pikes, Perchs, sector Carp by night).
  • The CHAUMECON lake : 135 ha ("Sandres", Pikes, Perchs).
  • The St AGNAN lake: 150 ha (Pikes, "Sandres").
  • The CURE : River of 1st category ("Fario" trouts).
  • The YONNE : River de 1st category to the confluence of the ANGUISSON ("Fario" trouts).
Hello fishermen !

Night-club - Discothèque.

    (Opened only the weekend)
    Barrage de Pannecière
    58120 Chaumard
    Téléphone ! : 03 86 84 78 52
Night-club - Le New Cottage.

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