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Here's of other photos of Ouroux-en-Morvan.
Click on each photo to visualize it with the size of 430x300 pixels.

The pond of Ouroux :
With these origins, about 1353, this pond called "Pond of the Abbey" was held in stronghold by Hugues de Monestoy. It became property of the commune in 1993.
Today it is called in all simplicity (the Pond of Ouroux).

(Photo2-01) Ouroux's Pond - photo 1.

(Photo2-02) Ouroux's Pond - photo 2.

(Photo2-03) Ouroux's Pond - photo 3.

(Photo2-04) Ouroux's Pond - photo 4.

(Photo2-05) Ouroux's Pond - contest of fishing to CARP.

(Photo2-06) Ouroux's Pond fisheries - photo 6.

(Photo2-07) Ouroux's Pond, the fishs which populate it -  photo 7.

Operation 32 + 32 = 2000.

(Photo2-32-01) Operation 32+32=2000 - (S.I. Decorated).

(Photo2-32-02) Operation 32+32=2000 - (The marriage).

(Photo2-32-03) Operation 32+32=2000 - LUCY, buried work of K LOUINEAU to the cemetery of artists.

(Photo2-32-04) Operation 32+32=2000 - The cemetery of Artists (Chapel of Savault).

(Photo2-32-05) Operation 32+32=2000 - Totem in fires of Katerine LOUINEAU (Place Jean GAUTHERIN).

Saint Germain's church - (Ouroux)

(Photo2-StG-01) St Germain's Church.

(Photo2-StG-02) The Virgin with the child, XVe s, Cl. M.H (St Germain's Church).

(Photo2-StG-03) The Virgin with the child - (St Germain's Church).

Chapel of Savault.

(Photo2-ChS-01) The Chapel of Savault.

(Photo2-ChS-02) St Denis carrying his head - (Chapel of Savault).

Various photos.

(Photo2-11) Scenery of Morvan - (Photo 1).

(Photo2-12) Morvandelle Gastronomy.

(Photo2-13) The workshop of Cooperage.

(Photo2-14) Scenery of Morvan - (Photo 2).

(Photo2-15) The Cemetery of the Maquis BERNARD.

(Photo2-16) Panel of infos on the circuit of the mysterious trenches of the Loutière.

(Photo2-17) A panel of information on a footpath.

(Photo2-18) Scenery of Morvan - Coeuzon.

(Photo2-19) Scenery of Morvan - The Bridge of Boulard.

(Photo2-20) The Town hall of Ouroux (under snow).

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