Site Map of Ouroux en Morvan.

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legal informations of the Ourouxois web site!

legal informations !
This page is that of legal information of the web site. to click on the icon to consult legal information of the Ourouxois web site.

Aid to navigation!

Aid to navigation !
The page of Assistance to navigation, you will find on this page the infos on the icons which you will meet throughout the pages of the Ourouxois site.

Welcome page.

The welcome page of the site.
This page wishes you the welcome on the site. You will find some invaluable information on Ouroux-en-Morvan.

Finding Ouroux.

Finding Ouroux-en-Morvan.
But where is this small village ? This page makes known to you the geographical position of Ouroux-en-Morvan.

The Town Hall.

The Town Hall of Ouroux-en-Morvan.
Who is the Mayor, who are the Deputy Mayors, who are the Councillors...

Useful info.

Useful info to Ouroux.
This page will enable you to find the addresses, the telephone numbers of the various services available on the commune.

Sleeping & eating.

Sleeping and eating to Ouroux.
The commune of Ouroux-in-Morvan has several formulas of lodgings and caterings, made your choice among this list to know where to sleep and where you to eat on the commune...


Services and Craftsmen to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
All services and Craftsmen of the commune are on this page. You will find there the one which you seek.


Culture to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
This page presents the calendar of the festivals and demonstrations for the current year. The classification is to carry out there month by month.


Images, photos to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
Three pages are devoted to photos of Ouroux-en-Morvan. Of a click you will increase them with the size of 500 X 350 pixels for a better looking.

Clubs & Asso.

Clubs & Associations to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
The page of info on the clubs, associations, etc. to Ouroux.

Tourist office.

Tourist office to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
Tourist office publishes a multitude of booklets and documents. For all information do not hesitate to contact it.


Activities and sports to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
There is a multitude of activities to spend its time agreeably. Ex: Pedestrian excursions, V.T.T. excursions, Equestrian excursions, etc, etc, etc...

Village of Art.

Village of Art and history.
Come to discover its history, its people famous, the historic sites, the Religious sites, its Patrimony, its richnesses, without forgetting the contemporary art.

The Bernard Maquis.

The Bernard Maquis.
Under the Occupation (1940 - 1944), the Morvan whose geographical and administrative characters were rather accentuated, constituted an ideal area refuge and sheltered about thirty maquis.

Photos of Bernard Maquis.

Photos of Bernard Maquis.
Discover in photographs what was the life of the Maquis Bernard, its cemetery, its huts, its camps, its hospital surgical, its park car, etc.

Site Map.

Site Map.
What can I say moreover ! It is the page which you consult in this moment! Use the links located on the left to return to you on the pages.


Links of the Web site.
All these links or almost relate to Morvan. Some of these sites are Officiels, others are the work of people liking the Morvan and the Nièvre.


Weather overview to Ouroux-en-Morvan.
What's weather like in Ouroux ? And well click for the knowledge. Meteo Consult offers to you seen the weather overview for the 5 next days. For more packed information go to on the site MÉTÉO CONSULT®.


Crédits and thanks.
This window gives you Internet addresses of the shelterer of the Ourouxois site, Webmaster, and the Tourism Office of Ouroux.


To contact the Tourist Office of Ouroux-en-Morvan.
Caution ! This E-mail address is that of the Tourist Office of Ouroux. You can address your comments and your questions directly to the T.O. You will be thank to cordially the able people activators the Tourist Office, their many publications page-setting of the site was facilitated.

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