Fishing rules of the Ouroux's pond.


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Ouroux's Pond.Fishing rules of the pond .

    1. Fishing in the pond is subordinated to an authorization which is obtained by the purchase of a card.

    2. This card can be bought at :
      - Tourist Office.
      - Town hall.
      - 'Brasserie' of church.
    3. Three types of cards are proposed to you :
    4. - A DAILY card 5.00 €.
      - A WEEKLY card 20.00 €.
      - An annual card for the inhabitants and residents of Ouroux : 60.00 €.
    5. Each card gives the right to fish with 4 fishing rods.

    6. For carps, fishing "No kill" is obligatory. All the catches must be given to water.

    7. Only one capture is authorized for the Pike.
      The pikes lower than 50 cm must be imperatively put back to water. Fishing to pike is authorized during the lawful periods of opening for water of 2nd category.

    8. Fishing can be done only starting from the two banks perpendicular to the road way. Consequently, fishing in the boat or on any other boat is prohibited.
      - Fishing of night is prohibited.
      - Fishing with the machines (bow net, balances, nets, cord,...) is prohibited !

    9. Any purchaser of a card is obliged to respect the present rules. Any infringement with these rules obliges to a payment of a penalty equal to 5 times the amount of the daily card of fishing.
      In the event of repetition the contraveners expose themselves to verbal lawsuits and a final expulsion of the water level.

    10. The children of less than 12 years can fish free with only one assembled line of only one hook.The fishing with any other hardware is strictly prohibited to them unless it has a lawful card of fishing. In all the case, the young person obliges himself to respecting the present rules.

    11. Prohibited bathe - Fishing of strictly prohibited night
      Respect the environment, the cleanliness of the site, the residents local. Bring back your refuses.

    12. The infringements are noted by :
      Hello fishermen... The President of the Tourist Office :
      Or by one of its representatives.

    13. The fishermen must park themselves on the carpark reserved to them.

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